The 2018 List

Check out the complete UHoP 2018 list here and read the Q&As with the winners on our blog.

Why the Unsung Heroes?

whitefox was conceived back in 2012 as a service to provide access to the foot soldiers of publishing: the doers who were capable of making a tangible difference to content. The media loves a list. Maybe we all do. The richest, the most influential, the best loved.

At whitefox, we thought it was time to lift the veil and champion some of the individuals working tirelessly, and sometimes less glamorously, behind the scenes. If this were motor racing, we’d be unmasking the engineers and pit lane crews and forgetting, briefly, about the multi-millionaire owners and drivers.

And publishing is also a pretty generous business. Generally, CEOs and MDs or founders, as well as their writers, understand that they require a high level of diverse practical knowledge from their supporting teams in order not just to do their jobs, but to gain any kind of competitive advantage. How do you get the edge unless through collaboration with the best people at their craft?

Previous Nominees

You may already be aware of some of the professionals listed below, who were winners of The Unsung Heroes of Publishing title in 2016 and 2017. In fact, we sincerely hope you are. These things are always open to interpretation and there will always be degrees of ‘unsung’. All we hope is that by drawing attention to the people out there who we are sometimes in danger of taking for granted, we can continue to develop the conversation about what really matters in publishing.



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