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These business books will revolutionise your leadership style

These business books will revolutionise your leadership style

By John Bond |

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There have been so many books published over the years addressing the issue of leadership. But how do you find the one that is not just genuinely insightful, but right for you and your situation? Here are some suggestions of titles that have helped the team at whitefox most in our moments of need.

Sara Milne Rowe – The SHED Method: Making Better Choices When It Matters

As much about lifestyle as leadership; a brilliant step by step guide on achieving confidence, positivity and success from an exceptional performance coach

Clayton Christensen – How Will You Measure Your Life?

With the mantra ‘Your relationships need your attention. Always.’ This is an innovators guide to maintaining a professional work / life balance.

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Sheryl Sandberg – Lean In

It’s all about leaning in and seizing the day nowadays. But, back in 2003, it was Sandberg who first articulated what she perceived as the “leadership ambition gap”, and who brought the continued gender inequalities at the top of business out into the open.

Patterson, Grenny, McMillan and Switzler – Crucial Conversations: Tools For Talking When The Stakes Are High

Don’t shy away from those difficult, awkward conversations and harness the power of being persuasive rather than abrasive. This book tells it as it is, and it’s not one to sleep on.

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