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How does it work?

The publishing process can at first seem overwhelming but we aim to make it simple.

Chat: You have a free consultation with us to discuss your book project, where you are in the process and how we could add value.

Write: Manuscript ready? Great! If not, we can assess your existing content and devise a strategy for how you can develop your manuscript or source you a suitable ghostwriter.

Cost: We size up your bespoke project to include everything you need to make your book a success and put together your personal timeline and schedule.

Create: Our highly experienced editorial team get to work steering and reshaping, enlisting the right experts so that you have excellent book in content and design.

Publish: We support you through the entire publishing process, from sales and marketing to print and distribution. You can find out more about the publishing process here.

Accessing new audiences

whitefox worked with David Hone, Chief Climate Change Advisor at Shell, to produce 'Putting the Genie Back: Solving the Climate and Energy Dilemma'.

whitefox are a unique resource. They helped me to identify a new audience for the blog content I had created, managed the process to bring that content to the audience in a new digital format, and graciously helped to identify a traditional print publishing partner for the project when the opportunity presented itself.

David Hone, Chief Climate Change Advisor to Shell

Benefits of self-publishing

Self-publishing is a fantastic solution for those who want to invest in their brand without coming up against the usual barriers. With our in-house editorial team, whitefox remove all the hassle that is associated with self-publishing and ensure the quality of the work is exceptional.

Self-publishing is popular with our clients for many reasons:

Taking control – Your vision, your decision. Whilst our clients receive full support and advice from our editorial team, all final decisions lie with them.

Books built for purpose – Our clients know how they will benefit most from publishing, and we create their book with this in mind.

Quick turnaround time – Why wait 18 months when you can go from manuscript to publication from 3–6 months without sacrificing on quality?

Royalties & rights – Our clients own all the rights to their work so receive the bulk of earnings on their own book sales and benefit should they chose to sell the rights.

Generating revenue

whitefox worked with Global retail advisor and author Andrew Jennings to produce his Business Book Award-nominated book 'Almost is Not Good Enough'.

I set myself a goal of selling 10,000 copies internationally, to raise in excess of £80,000 for The Prince’s Trust Charity. I am thrilled to have achieved this goal.

Andrew Jennings, author of 'Almost is Not Good Enough'

Book packages

Digital package

This is a simple and effective option for anyone looking to quickly make their book accessible. We will oversee the creation of your book, from editorial and design through to eBook conversion, adding metadata and assigning an ISBN. Our digital package ensures your book is available in eBook format from a provider of your choice, and sets you up for Print-On-Demand (POD) should you wish. You also have the option to add audio conversion which is a highly popular format amongst audiences. Read more about digital book publishing here. 

Print package

If you want to own physical copies of your book to distribute amongst networks or sell online, we can facilitate the entire printing process from our trusted suppliers across Europe. The Print package option includes the services listed in the Digital package in addition to brokering print orders for an agreed number of copies to be delivered to you or your preferred destination.

Sales & Distribution package

Our Sales & Distribution package goes one step further to ensure bookstores are made aware of your book and its key selling points. You will be assigned a Sales Director who will design a suitable outreach strategy, trade discount and represent your book to suitable retailers and wholesalers. We will manage orders and distribute copies so that you don’t need to worry about a thing.

Publicity package

Our most comprehensive package offers the complete publishing experience, assigning a book publicity specialist to oversee your pre- and post-launch campaign. An effective PR strategy is the key to securing relevant press coverage, media slots and book reviews, and ensuring your book is as successful as possible. Whilst it is more than possible to run the activity yourself, this is a fantastic option for people who would like to have the specialist book publicity treatment.

Why work with whitefox?

Step-by-step process

At whitefox, publishing is a team sport. We will hold your hand throughout the publishing process, and are always available at the end of the phone or in our North London office.

Tailored to you

What makes whitefox truly unique is the diversity of our projects in genre, format and more. We know that every book has different needs and have the skills to meet any demand.

Experienced team

Our team is made up of publishing experts, from HarperCollins, Faber & Faber and Penguin. We apply specialist insight and knowledge to every book project we work on.

Increasing business leads

whitefox worked with James Haycock and Adaptive Lab to publish 'Bye Bye Banks', providing services in design, editorial, print and project management

whitefox supported us in publishing ‘Bye Bye Banks: How Retail Banks are Being Displaced, Diminished and Disintermediated by Tech Startups and What They Can Do to Survive’. The book sold really well and even a few years later remains a valuable piece of thought leadership. It helped us strengthen the agency's positioning as true experts in our field and has helped significantly grow our client list in financial services. The whole experience was impactful enough for us to come back to whitefox with another, even bigger, book project."

James Haycock, General Manager at Idean UK

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