Is whitefox a publishing house or a self-publishing company?

We’re somewhere in–between

You’ll have noticed that there has been a huge increase recently in the number of companies that can help you publish your book, offering a range of services and commercial terms. We define ourselves as a publishing services company – there are very few companies like us.

Still confused? We work with publishers, brands and writers, and can provide any publishing services required. Whether that is the entire publishing package – from copyedit through to typesetting, proofread and publication – or a one-off cover design, we’re here. And because we don’t finance publication ourselves, we don’t take a royalty – so any money you make is yours alone.

We’ve been doing this for some time now – just look at our endorsements page! 

How long will it take to finish my book?

It’s up to you! When we first discuss your project, we will ask you about your timeline and when you want your project to be completed. After that we will do our best to match you with the right publishing professionals to meet your expectations – and deadlines.

Who are your freelancers?

The team here at whitefox have decades of collective publishing experience at senior levels within all the big-name publishers. That means that, over the years, they’ve worked with a lot of people in the publishing industry to the highest standard demanded by trade publishing. Our network of freelancers is made up of a carefully curated mix of these top industry professionals, all tried, tested and vouched for – we only represent the best of the best. Our 1,600 freelancers represent over 530 genre specialisms and 200 skill sets.

So, there's no core whitefox team?

Our in-house team is here too. Seven experienced editors, marketers and project managers. You can always email or call us; we promise we won’t put you on hold for hours and drive you round the bend with tinny hold music. The core whitefox team operates nine to five, five days a week. We’re here to ensure that everything runs smoothly with your project and that you’re happy with the result.

Will my book do as well if I publish with whitefox?

We can provide everything you need to make your book a success.

If you need convincing, take a look at some of the work we’ve completed here, and at our endorsements from award-winning authors, publishers and brands

If you want control over your book and a say in making it just right, we’re the people for you. At whitefox we pride ourselves on the bespoke nature of our work; we provide a level of care and quality that we can guarantee you will struggle to find elsewhere.

If you’re still mulling over your publishing options, we can make it easier for you. Have you downloaded our free guide? It outlines the differences between traditional publishing and self-publishing objectively. You can find it at the bottom of the page.

How much is it going to cost?

It depends on how much support you will need in creating your book. Have a look here to see an example of our pricing; it will give you an idea of how we calculate our costs.

But don’t worry, before you sign any contract with us, we will give you a detailed breakdown of our costs for you to review. Our goal is to work to your budget to produce the very best book possible.

Traditional Publishing Versus Self-Publishing: How to Cut Through the Noise and Choose the Best Option

Confused about what to do now you’ve finished writing your book? Trying to get published but not sure how?

Download our free guide for a concise, unbiased summary of traditional publishing and self-publishing. We promise it’ll make things a lot clearer!

In this guide you will find:

– A simple explanation of how traditional publishing and self-publishing work
– An objective analysis of their strengths and weaknesses
– the confidence to publish your book

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