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Getting your book noticed

Want to see yourself and your book in Forbes, the Observer, and on the Amazon bestseller list? Unfortunately it’s not that simple and getting published doesn’t mean making sales. To get your book in front of the right people, you need the best support. We work directly with the best marketing and PR professionals in the publishing industry and can put you in touch with the people who have worked on bestselling and award-winning books.

We can also offer in-house sales representation which will oversee the sales and distribution process, working with you to balance your goals and deliver on a strategy within your budget.

Reasons to work with whitefox

Step-by-step process

At whitefox, publishing is a team sport. We will hold your hand throughout the publishing process, and are always available at the end of the phone or in our North London office.

Tailored to you

What makes whitefox truly unique is the diversity of our projects in genre, format and more. We know that every book has different needs and have the skills to meet any demand.

Experienced team

Our team of ten has come from everywhere: HarperCollins, Faber & Faber, Penguin, and we've brought the insight and knowledge along with us to make your books special.


Metadata and Buyer ‘Discoverability’: In order for your book to sell, it needs to be discoverable. We will make it so. There are millions of books for sale on Amazon, let alone the rest of the internet, so it’s vital that your book is listed within industry data providers with the correct metadata and best positioning information. Our sales and marketing team are metadata specialists and will ensure that your book is found by the right readers and retailers, supporting your own sales outreach efforts. 

Full Sales Representation: If you choose to work with whitefox for full sales representation, we will make sure that your project is presented to the buying decision-makers across the market. We offer a detailed consultancy at the beginning of each project and lay out exactly what is available for your book, according to budget, target audience, and timeline, as well as the realities of the marketplace. We then work to deliver it, in partnership with you, updating, adjusting and re-focusing as needed throughout the process.

Our in-house team have a breadth of experience with deep specialisms in certain areas and they work collaboratively to ensure our clients have the best possible publishing experience. We adopt a similar approach with our clients and pride ourselves on ensuring that the client is the first point of call for any decisions, whether they are creative or practical.

Distribution and warehousing

Working with National Book Network International (NBNi) as our distribution partner, we are able to offer a world-class warehousing and fulfilment option from their state-of-the-art facility in Milton Keynes. From shipping to retailers to invoicing and collecting payments, NBNi works with wholesalers and retailers across the United Kingdom, Europe, and beyond, servicing accounts from global online retailers to independent book and gift stores. Additionally, transparency around your sales data is a key aspect of our distribution offer, with monthly sales reporting and stock level management giving a clear picture of your performance. 

With whitefox, you can publish your book in whichever format suits your needs and your target market. Want to publish your book as an ebook? We make the ebook conversion and formatting process simple. You also have the option to publish your book as print-on-demand (POD), a format which is revolutionising the publishing industry. Many authors prefer print-on-demand due to its flexibility. With this option you do not have to pay storage fees and your book is printed automatically as orders come in!

Many authors choose to print a small number of their books around publication time, to coincide with a launch or an event, in order to have something tangible to present as a gift or to clients. Once word about your book starts to spread, it may be more efficient to switch to e-format and a competitive price to encourage a consistent flow of sales. Either way, the choice is yours!

We know this sounds like a lot, but don’t worry, when you work with whitefox we lay out everything for you in plain English and stay with you for every step of the publishing journey.

Marketing and PR

When your publishing project begins, you will be put in touch with a member of our internal marketing team who will design a specific marketing strategy to meet you and your book’s needs. This will include advice and information around content creation and social media, and the potential to create feature articles, interviews and video content for the whitefox blog

As you’ll have seen, many of our authors have been interviewed or featured in notable print and digital media outlets such as Forbes, the Observer, Female First, Sky News and more. This is thanks to the wonderful PR and marketing professionals with whom we work. We can connect you with some of the biggest names in book marketing, who will help first-time authors develop skills in self-promotion and ensure the right people are talking about your book. No matter the size of your budget and project, we’ve got the network to connect you with the right person to promote your book. 

See what our clients have to say

whitefox worked with Gerald Weaver on the PR campaign of 'The First First Gentleman', connecting him with a fantastic PR team who were able to secure coverage in the Guardian, The Big Issue and The Times.

whitefox marshalled all the resources at their disposal to develop a coordinated campaign for coverage for my novels, from the top of the old media pyramid to obscure niches of the digital marketplace, and they did it all with great savvy and even more personal care.

Gerald Weaver, author of 'Gospel Prism' and 'The First First Gentleman'

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