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  • Sales & Distribution
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Sales representation with whitefox

✓  Project specific sales consultancy
✓  Customised sales plan
✓  In-house sales representation
✓  Regular sales reporting

We now live in a world where anyone can easily make their book available via online booksellers such as Amazon. But to see your self-published book in bookshops, online retailers and independent outlets around the world involves a significant amount of specialist knowledge. If this is a route you want to go down, you will need sales representation.    

Getting wholesalers and retailers to pay attention to your book requires targeting the right vendors, planning ahead to prepare for submission deadlines, and positioning your book attractively with an appropriate retail price and trade discount.

But don’t worry, this isn’t something you are expected to do yourself. With whitefox’s sales representation we devise a customised sales strategy for your book and ensure it is targeted effectively for the relevant booksellers for your genre, with a suitable price point and trade discount. Submissions will be made on your behalf according to the deadlines but also considering your timelines. whitefox will do all the magic behind the scenes whilst keeping you constantly in the loop with regular sales reporting. 

Distribution with whitefox

✓ Physical edition warehousing
✓ Order management & invoicing
✓ Fulfilment & shipping

If you don’t have access to storage facilities, holding large quantities of physical copies can be problematic. Furthermore, order management on book sales can be an on-going hassle.    

whitefox can completely remove this headache for you by taking on the responsibility for storing and distributing your books. Working with our distribution partners in the UK & US, we can oversee everything from invoicing, shipping and payment collection, getting your books where they need to be.    

whitefox worked with Tobias Harwood to self-publish 'Great Traits: Investigating the Behaviour and Beliefs Behind Phenomenal Feats'

If you want to set up your own imprint or self-publish a book, whitefox provide guidance and light amidst the dark and often inaccessible world of publishing. After decades in the publishing industry whitefox can give as little or as much support as you wish. For me, they were a trusted partner and vital for editorial support and suggestions. whitefox can elevate your indie published book to a level where it competes with the global publishing powerhouses.

Tobias Harwood | Founder, Podcaster

whitefox worked with The Speakmans and The Blair Partnership to self-publish 'The Key', which went on to sell 25,000 copies in six months and secure a publishing contract with Orion Publishing Group.

I approached whitefox with a client for whom we wanted to go directly to market and create a high-production book that we could put into their readers’ hands. With the whitefox team’s professional expertise, insight, and ability to make pretty much anything happen, we produced a fantastic book, which sold in high quantities and as a result of which success we placed the client with a major publisher for a series of books. I would wholeheartedly recommend whitefox and they are at the top of my list for publishing solutions.

Rory Scarfe | Agency Director at The Blair Partnership

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