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  • Ghostwriting services

The art of ghostwriting

Ghostwriters are practised professional writers who are adept at embodying the individual or brand they are writing on behalf of, and therefore a critical part of the process is sourcing the right ghost to represent you. A good ghostwriter will perfect the writing style and tone of voice while documenting, researching and curating the content to create an engaging manuscript for a desired audience. 

For an individual with a captivating story or memoir, this will be a deeply personal experience and require a significant amount of author engagement. You will want a ghost who can relate to you and your content and be an excellent storyteller. Brands and businesses may instead benefit from an informed subject-expert who can relate to the industry, provide comprehensive additional research and produce a manuscript according to specific publishing goals, such as a brand history, exclusive anniversary project or a compendium of essays and interviews. 

For those looking to publish a book and require support in producing a manuscript, ghostwriting is a great solution. whitefox will help to outsource the writing to a talented professional within the field of the specific topic.

The ghostwriting process

The ghostwriting process takes time, as well as a significant amount of author involvement, which will normally take the shape of a number of interviews. A structure will be proposed, and writing samples and chapters will be shared along the way to ensure everything is going in the right direction.

Ghostwriting can be costly given the required level of interaction, time and effort involved. You will be paying for the time of a highly qualified writer who will want to do justice to the work. whitefox have a number of trusted ghostwriters who specialise across a range of different subject areas that we can pair you with.

whitefox worked with Lisa to self-publish her brother Rupert Whewell's unfinished novel 'White Dog'

I found whitefox to be extremely helpful – I knew nothing about publishing and they guided me every step of the way. They identified JohnMacDonald as a suitable [ghost]writer and also helped me find the right designer in Dominic Forbes to bring to life what we wanted on the cover. All the pieces of the project came together really well with their support. Whilst the commonality in the name was total coincidence, it might have been destiny!

Lisa Anson | sister of Rupert Whewell, the late author of White Dog

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