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The editorial process

Whether you are a bestselling author or a first time writer, every manuscript requires a team of specialists to edit, proofread and quality assure. whitefox makes the editing process simple, advising on the services your book requires and shortlisting the right experts in our network. We will ensure your book is of of exceptional quality and a work you can be proud of.

Reasons to work with whitefox

Step-by-step process

At whitefox, publishing is a team sport. We will hold your hand throughout the publishing process, and are always available at the end of the phone or in our North London office.

Tailored to you

What makes whitefox truly unique is the diversity of our projects in genre, format and more. We know that every book has different needs and have the skills to meet any demand.

Experienced team

Our team of ten has come from everywhere: HarperCollins, Faber & Faber, Penguin, and we've brought the insight and knowledge along with us to make your books special.


Copyediting is an essential element of the publishing process. There are millions of books out there but only a tiny percentage of them are bought/read/talked about. What makes a book disappear into the black hole of Amazon? Typos, grammatical errors, factual errors and inconsistencies. There’s nothing more important than making sure there are no errors in your writing. 

Here at whitefox we work with the best of the best in the copyediting business; a lot of our freelancers previously worked in-house for the big five publishers. Once we’ve chatted to you and got to know your work, we will match you with a unique copyeditor who will have experience in your given genre, as well as having completed a stringent copyediting test. And it’s not just typos and grammar: copyeditors also check that your argument is logical, your tone is consistent and the sources you rely on can be verified. Imagine including a statistic or a quotation in your book only to have it questioned by a reader!


Proofreading is also a vital element of the publishing process. Your proofreader will perform the final check for accuracy prior to publication, carefully reading the typeset pages of your book to make sure there are no outstanding spelling, grammar or formatting errors before it goes off to the printer and out into the hands of readers.


After both the proofread and the copyedit the whitefox team will complete a thorough spotchecking service, reading chapters of your manuscript according at random intervals in order to ensure no mistakes or inaccuracies remain. 


While not all books contain an index, if you’re writing any kind of non-fiction, your readers will benefit hugely from one, so that they are able to find the relevant information easily – accessibility is key! Indexers are behind-the-scenes experts at what they do, and it’s not a skill quickly or easily learnt. 

Content Creation and ghostwriting

For many people, publishing a book is about establishing their brand and creating a long-term content marketing strategy that acts as the ultimate sales tool. We know that brands, businesses and thought leaders are often time-poor but knowledge-rich, and just need support when it comes to producing that cutting-edge content. The authors of many of the best business books and their authors (we’re looking at you, Richard Branson) hired ghostwriters to produce and finesse manuscripts that went on to sell tens of thousands of copies. 

You may already have begun to produce content, or perhaps you know what you want to say but haven’t got the tools to say it. Whatever stage you’re at, a ghost can take your jumbled thoughts and turn them into a 50,000-word narrative that remains relevant and powerful long after publication. 

whitefox has a team of carefully curated ghostwriters on hand, experts in writing fantastic non-fiction to suit a variety of genres and audiences. And it’s not just non-fiction. Some of the best-known novels out there were written by ghosts. A ghost isn’t any old writer: they are skilled professionals who specialise in capturing your unique voice and style, presenting your thoughts in an accessible, coherent way for your readers. 

And the support doesn’t stop there. Need assets or content for upcoming conferences, presentations or talks? A ghostwriter can do that and more, always ensuring that whatever content is distributed is attributable to you, in your voice, and created in collaboration with you.

And don’t worry, editors aren’t limited to the skills we’ve mentioned. If you just need a beta reader, some tips on writing a synopsis or an honest appraisal of your work in progress, we’ve got the person for you. Whatever your writing need, whitefox is here to guide you through the entire process, ensuring you have access to the best editorial publishing professionals in the business. We have the book editing services to ensure your book becomes a success, whatever its format or genre!

See what our clients have to say

whitefox worked with Julia Adlard to produce 'Domino the Miracle Dog', a beautiful, illustrated picture book about a little dog called Domino who gets lost.

Working with whitefox was an extremely positive experience. From the very beginning I felt that they were genuinely excited about the project, as was I. They worked with me to turn my idea into a reality and have created a beautifully-produced book. They were very professional and the result is exactly what I had in mind. I am very grateful to them.

Julia Adlard, author of 'Domino the Miracle Dog'

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