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Judging a book by it's cover

We do judge a book by its cover because we know how important design is. Graphics, illustrations, choice of paper – they all tell a story and can be the difference between someone picking up your book or looking straight past. whitefox only work with specialist book cover designers and will manage every detail of the design process on your behalf while ensuring you have creative control. Working together, your book will be as attractive and appealing as it deserves to be.

And the design services don’t have to stop once your book is published! If you need an author website or some branded assets, whitefox can connect you with the perfect publishing professionals.

Reasons to work with whitefox

Step-by-step process

At whitefox, publishing is a team sport. We will hold your hand throughout the publishing process, and are always available at the end of the phone or in our North London office.

Tailored to you

What makes whitefox truly unique is the diversity of our projects in genre, format and more. We know that every book has different needs and have the skills to meet any demand.

Experienced team

Our team of ten has come from everywhere: HarperCollins, Faber & Faber, Penguin, and we've brought the insight and knowledge along with us to make your books special.

Cover design

Designing a striking book cover is much more difficult than it may appear, but with whitefox’s team of award-winning book designers, your book won’t just stand out from the shelves or the Amazon search results – it’ll leap out into their basket.

Each book cover requires a unique approach and specific expertise. After talking to you and the whitefox team about the project, and guided by a detailed brief (which we will help you create), your book designer will create a cover that sends a unique message to your target reader. Book designers know how to perfect the balance between typography and imagery, how to devise a book cover that will look great both in-store and online as a tiny thumbnail image, and they know the importance not just of the front cover, but of the back, the spine and the logo. 


Typesetting is the vital element of the publishing process that will make your book look sleek and professional. If you have a manuscript of unedited block text, a typesetter will take it and put it on the page in a way that will grab the reader’s attention and keep it there, ensuring the inside of your book is eye-catching, consistent and readable.

Internal imagary

Illustrated books are becoming more and more popular with the huge rise in non-fiction, and including images in the pages of your book makes it more accessible, browsable and attractive. Whether your book contains illustrations, graphics or graphs, it’s important to consult a designer so that your book gets the results it deserves.

What can at first seem like a simple process requires a highly trained set of eyes. How do you source the right illustrator to create eye-catching imagery for your book? How do you clear permissions to use copyrighted pictures? How do you put together plate sections of photos with experience-enhancing captions? How do you find the experts who can help create charts, maps, simple cartoons or complicated diagrams? We can put you in touch with someone who’ll answer all your queries and help you produce a beautiful, bespoke book, and we’ll do it quickly, professionally and to your unique brief.

See what our clients have to say

whitefox project managed Christopher Tugendhat's book and assisted him in creating a beautiful, bespoke book cover.

Working with whitefox has been a delight. I have been enormously impressed by the professionalism and attention to detail of all those I have dealt with and by the speed with which my questions and points have always been dealt with.

Christopher Tugendhat, Author of 'A History of Britain Through Books: 1900 - 1964'

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