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How can we help?

Whether you’ve had a fantastic idea for a book, want to create a book but need a fantastic idea or have all your fantastic ideas down on the page, our team of publishing professionals are in-house 9–5 five days a week to brainstorm, plan and publish your book.

Reasons to work with whitefox

Step-by-step process

At whitefox, publishing is a team sport. We will hold your hand throughout the publishing process, and are always available at the end of the phone or in our North London office.

Tailored for you

What makes whitefox truly unique is the diversity of our projects in genre, format and more. We know that every book has different needs and have the skills to meet any demand.

Experienced team

Our team of ten has come from everywhere: HarperCollins, Faber & Faber, Penguin, and we've brought the insight and knowledge along with us to make your books special.

Publishing consultancy services

When you get in touch for your initial consultation, we will chat with you to determine your publishing objectives and work out a detailed strategy according to your needs and desires. The clearer this strategy at the beginning of the publishing journey, the more successful your project will be.

At this early stage we will determine whether whitefox is best suited to work with you on your project. To do this we will provide a detailed explanation of our publishing model and process: services, product specifications, timings, distribution, pre-publication strategy and budget. Whether we’re the right fit for your project or not, our initial consultancy will give you a much better understanding of the publishing industry, your available routes to market and what your budget can offer you. 

If you decide to work with whitefox, our team will provide all the consultancy support you need on any topic. If you’re struggling with publishing terminology or not sure which ebook platform would best suit your book, our decades of publishing experience gives us the credentials to answer any questions you have and see you through the entire publishing process.

See what our clients have to say

whitefox provided consultation services to the National Trust, acting as a point of call for any publishing queries or questions

whitefox reviewed the National Trust’s publishing business, provided recommendations, and helped implement a new strategy and hire a new team. On the back of that review, the National Trust’s publishing operation has flourished. whitefox provided excellent insight and access to a range of publishing expertise. It was a pleasure to work with whitefox and we would thoroughly recommend their professional services.

Katie Bond, Publisher at the National Trust

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