Publishing Consultancy

We provide quality, quick, bespoke solutions to the publishing industry. Our skills and experience are second to none.

Project Management

Talk to whitefox about how we can help with scoping, planning and delivering your project, however complex. We have experience of coordinating everything from cookbooks to popular science series and beyond.


We make it easy to find the very best editors to ensure your book is the very best it can be, whether you're looking for a reader‘s report, structural edit, copy-edit or proofread. Our in-house team has decades of hands-on project management experience at a senior level within traditional publishing.


We work with a trusted circle of professional typesetters, designers, photographers and illustrators to create bespoke packages tailored to individual projects. Whether it’s a striking jacket that stands out from the crowd, the perfectly typeset novel or a fully illustrated coffee-table book, our experience and expertise mean that we will create something that is as pleasurable to hold as it is to read.

Content Creation & Development

We help companies, organisations and institutions exploit the potential of publishing to increase revenue and brand recognition.

Marketing & Publicity

You’ve written your book, but how do you make sure readers can find it? Marketing and publicity can be a minefield of risk without reward, but whitefox can help to find the right people at the right budget for your title.

We also offer our clients internal press and marketing, with the opportunity to take part in a Q&A for our popular blog, create video content and launch advertising campaigns around publication.

Books for Business: How to Boost Your Brand with a Book

In this guide, we’re going to tell you how you can boost your brand and add prestige (and sales) to your business by creating a book. Throughout the guide we will provide examples of successful business books which we have helped create. ​

This guide offers you:

– Award-winning business book case studies
– A step-by-step guide to producing a business book
– Writing tips and prompts
– Advice from business book authors

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