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Q&A with Laurence Myers, author of Hunky Dory (Who Knew?)

Q&A with Laurence Myers, author of Hunky Dory (Who Knew?)

By Gabrielle Johnson |

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To start off, could you tell us a little about your career and what led to your decision to write Hunky Dory (Who Knew?): The best I can remember from twenty years at the heart of ’60s and ’70s rock and pop

After five years as an accountant specialising in music business, I went full-time into the business by setting up the GEM group of companies. I was lucky to be closely involved with some of the most iconic and talented artists and creatives of the day, and after such a varied and exciting career my friends and colleagues encouraged me to put my experiences in a book. As a result I decided to write what has now become Hunky Dory (Who Knew?).

What was your experience of writing Hunky Dory – did you find it cathartic to reflect on your life and career?

The research put me back in touch with people I have not spoken to for forty years. It was a great pleasure to reconnect with them during the writing process.

You now work in theatre and film and recently acted as Executive Producer on Judy. How do you find this work differs from your music-based experience?

When I was in the music business in the ’60s and ’70s the UK was the epicentre of the music business; It was much easier in that time to get the industry’s interest.

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You’ve had a diverse career, working as an accountant, founding multiple record labels and production companies and even running a sweet stall! Do you have any advice for someone hoping to pursue a career in the creative industries?

My advice to anyone starting a career in the creative industry is this: nobody really knows anything, so dare to fail.

Now that Hunky Dory is close to publication, how would you like it to be received by your readers?


What was your experience of self-publishing and seeing your book come to life?

One of the greatest pleasures of my non-personal life.

And what now? Do you have any exciting projects on the horizon you can share with us?

Experience has taught me not to discuss projects until they happen.

Finally, could you tell us a little about your experience of working with whitefox?

Working with whitefox has been a pleasure. They have given me, a first-time author, good guidance and have been flexible in their services provided.

You can find out more about Laurence by clicking here to visit his website, and buy your copy of Hunky Dory (Who Knew?) from Amazon here.

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