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Digital package

This is a simple and effective option for anyone looking to quickly make their book accessible. We will oversee the creation of your book, from editorial and design through to eBook conversion, adding metadata and assigning an ISBN. Our digital package ensures your book is available in eBook format from a provider of your choice, and sets you up for Print-On-Demand (POD) should you wish. You also have the option to add audio conversion which is a highly popular format amongst audiences.

✓  Copyedit, typeset & proofread
✓  Cover design
✓  Metadata & making available digitally
✓  eBook conversion & POD setup

✓  Option to add audio conversion

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Print package

If you want to own physical copies of your book to distribute amongst networks or sell online, we can facilitate the entire printing process from our trusted suppliers across Europe. The Print package option includes the services listed in the Digital package in addition to brokering print orders for an agreed number of copies to be delivered to you or your preferred destination.

✓  All services listed in the digital package
✓  Physical printed copies

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Sales & Distribution package

Our Sales & Distribution package goes one step further to ensure bookstores are made aware of your book and its key selling points. You will be assigned a Sales Director who will design a suitable outreach strategy, trade discount and represent your book to suitable retailers and wholesalers. We will manage orders and distribute copies so that you don’t need to worry about a thing.

✓  All services listed in the print package
✓  Sales representation
✓  Warehousing & order management

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Publicity package

Our most comprehensive package offers the complete publishing experience, assigning a book publicity specialist to oversee your pre- and post-launch campaign. An effective PR strategy is the key to securing relevant press coverage, media slots and book reviews, and ensuring your book is as successful as possible. Whilst it is more than possible to run the activity yourself, this is a fantastic option for people who would like to have the specialist book publicity treatment.

✓  All services listed in the sales & distribution package
✓  Assigned publicist

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