Publishing Globally

By Jantien Abma |

Last month, we profiled a series of publishing freelancers (Cathryn, Sophie, Becky and Helen) and literary scenes thriving outside the pre-established centres of London and New York. London’s publishing industry, as evidenced by Stephen Page’s call to action at Derby University last month, is becoming increasingly aware of the need for an industry less concentrated in certain locations and on a certain demographic of people. 

Being all too aware of this at whitefox, we were fascinated to read the answers some of our freelancers supplied to our questions about maintaining their lifestyles whilst living abroad, which were as practical as they were inspiring. Publishing skills and specialisms, like everything else, are increasingly relevant whether you publish locally or globally.

It would be wrong to paint the life of a freelancer as a one way ticket to working paradise. For some, it can be a stressful, uncertain and isolating experience. But today, if you are committed to working on books in and around publishing but have always worried that you had to be within physical proximity of the head offices of the major players to qualify, you might be interested in the advice and insights some of our more adventurous freelancers have shared.

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