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Why podcasters make exceptional authors

As a podcaster, you won’t be starting from scratch; you already have content that can be adapted into a different format and an existing platform from which to market your book. You’ll have the opportunity to strengthen your existing fanbase and build a more powerful connection, offering loyal listeners a special object that they can own and use to explore your themes in greater depth. A book can also grant exposure to new audiences, generate additional revenue and open doors to fresh opportunities you may never have had access to before.

Podcasters already have what it takes to become great authors – creativity, a gift for storytelling and an engaged audience with a genuine interest in you and what you have to say. We are here as your publishing partner to help guide you through every aspect of the publishing process and make sure that the result is a book that you, your listeners and everyone else will love.

✓  Build brand awareness
✓  Reach new listeners & audiences
✓  Strengthen your existing fanbase
✓  Create something with staying power
✓  Generate additional revenue & publicity

What whitefox can offer

Publishing can often seem a daunting and convoluted process, so we make it our mission to provide you with the expert guidance, talent and complete transparency that your book deserves. With whitefox you’ll benefit from larger earnings on sales, faster turnaround times and complete creative control.

As with anything, the finished product is only as good as the talent of the team behind it. A dedicated in-house editorial project manager will be assigned to oversee the creation of your book and make sure everything runs smoothly, so you won’t be going it alone. We’ll find you the expert editors, award-winning cover designers, commercial sales professionals and digital marketing specialists from around the world to make your book the very best version of itself.

whitefox worked with Heidi Hauer to self-publish 'The Queendom Within: Rewrite Your Fairy Tale and Create Your Own Happily Ever After'

whitefox has wonderfully supported me along the journey from editing to printing and distributing. As a coach it was particularly important to me that my first book reflected the message I wanted to get across to my community. Throughout the entire process, whitefox really ‘got me’ and helpfully guided me through the many decisions that needed to be made in this process. I’ve been so happy with their services that I am already working on my second book with them.

Heidi Hauer | Podcast Host and Life & Health Coach

whitefox worked with Raul Diaz to self-publish 'Wines & Recipes'

whitefox were such a great publishing partner for me because they supported me all the way, but ultimately I was always the one making the final decision based on lots of feedback and suggestions from the whitefox team. The book is entirely my creation, so that makes me very proud.

Raul Diaz | TV Presenter & Sommelier

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