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whitefox Self-publishing

We want to enable writers and brands to produce the highest-quality books that do their words justice. At whitefox, we deliver full-service self-publishing that does just that. We put the writer and their goals at the heart of the process. By choosing to self-publish with whitefox, you will benefit from the expert guidance, in-house project management and on-going quality assurance that guarantees a truly exceptional result.

Benefits of self-publishing:

✓  Complete creative control
✓  100% rights retained
✓  No hidden costs
✓  3–6 month turnaround times

The Creative Penn recommends whitefox

whitefox welcome friends of The Creative Penn.

I recommend whitefox for authors who want a premium self-publishing service with excellent attention to detail, quality printing, and expert guidance through the process from manuscript to publication and marketing.

Joanna Penn | Author & Founder of The Creative Penn

The publishing process

Our curated network is built up of experienced editors, proofreaders, translators, designers, marketers and publicists who cover a broad range of specialisms, ensuring every writer has the best possible team working on their book. Each book project is different and requires its own unique approach. In consultation with you, we will devise a customised project schedule covering the following services:

Editorial:  Structural editing Copyediting Proofreading Typesetting

Design:  Cover design Internal page design Illustration Photography

Availability:  ISBN setup Metadata eBook conversion POD account setup

Audiobook: Recording Producing Editing Distribution

Physical print:  ✓ Format consultancy Deluxe editions Printer briefing

Warehousing:  ✓ Stock holding Order management Invoicing

International distribution:  ✓ US UK Europe Australia Middle East 

Marketing & publicity:  ✓ Social media strategy Advertising Media coverage

Project management:  Consultancy Team assembly Quality assurance

Who is this for?


whitefox specialises in non-fiction self-publishing, with a diverse portfolio in this category covering self-help, memoir, business, political, thought leadership, historical, cookery and so much more. Non-fiction projects can be successfully positioned alongside an existing business, forming part of a marketing strategy, supporting client acquisition, or a useful asset to promote at events.


It can be hard to stand out in this highly saturated category and effectively target key audiences. whitefox self-publishing works best for fiction writers with a growing reader base that can be successfully harnessed as a launch pad for book sales. We work with our fiction authors in a variety of ways, from helping them transition away from traditional publishing to creating special deluxe editions.


We have helped many authors and illustrators transform their stories and artwork into magical books for children. With our network of specialist editors and designers we can turn your vision into a reality, whether that’s sourcing an illustrator, converting imagery into digital formats, ghostwriting or organising specialist print runs. There’s no part of the process we can’t manage.

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