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Self-publish your memoir with whitefox

There is nothing more personal than sharing someone’s story with the world. It’s always important to undergo a rigorous editorial process, but never more so than with a memoir or biography which represents a real person and has to do them justice.

whitefox has worked on a range of books within this genre, from satirical business memoirs to autobiographies covering deeply sensitive personal journeys. Applying our industry expertise, we project manage the entire publishing process from start to finish, removing the hassle but ensuring you retain creative control throughout.

By self-publishing your memoir with whitefox, you benefit from:

✓  Complete creative control
✓  100% rights retained
✓  No hidden costs
✓  Access to the very best publishing experts

whitefox worked with artist and St. Lukes Founder Dave Buonaguidi to self-publish his memoir/business book 'Blah! Blah! Blah' with full colour illustration throughout.

I always wanted to write a book, but I never had any idea of how to go about trying to make it a reality. I had lots and lots of blog posts, but they were a mess. The team at whitefox were the unique combination of mentor, editor and Sergeant Major. Finally, it got written and thanks to the great work by the editors and designers, I actually held a copy in my hand, which made the long process of writing it so worth it.

Dave Buonaguidi | Entrepreneur, Artist & Author

whitefox worked with CeBR Founder Douglas McWilliams to self-publish his book 'Driving the Silk Road: Halfway Across the World in a Bentley S1'.

I asked whitefox to do the impossible and felt that I’d be lucky if they did about half of what I asked them to. Actually, they did everything; they kept to every single deadline. Everything they told me they would do, they did. They produced a brilliant cover for the book and the way it was edited was absolutely first class. I’ve got nothing but praise for whitefox.

Douglas McWilliams | Founder, Economist, Entrepreneur & Author

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