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Self-publish your business book with whitefox

A business book is typically a serious and purposeful piece of writing that is an extension of the professional or company behind it. In many cases (although by no means all), business books are written by highly experienced industry specialists who are not, first and foremost, authors. Therefore, particular editorial attention must be applied to ensure the message is delivered effectively.  

whitefox understands the nuances of this genre and has the right editors on hand to help set the right tone for your industry while also reflecting the voice of the author. We ensure your writing is thoroughly fact-checked and indexed so that you can publish a credible book and be proud of, and confident about, the finished product.

By self-publishing your business book with whitefox, you benefit from:

✓  Complete creative control
✓  100% rights retained
✓  No hidden costs
✓  Access to the very best publishing experts

whitefox worked with Piotr Rusinek and Jay Howard to self-publish 'Before the Hammer Falls'.

Before I started writing Before the Hammer Falls I had absolutely no writing experience. When we were put in touch with whitefox, everything started to come together. We didn’t have a second thought about using their services; it was a seamless, easy approach – author friendly. Since we released Before the Hammer Falls we have seen a significant increase in the number of enquiries that are coming in. When I attend a conference or give a talk on property auctions, I am able to leave prospective clients with something tangible and of substance, and this has had a huge impact on business.

Piotr Rusinek | Auctions specialist, author

whitefox worked with Tech Nation to self-publish 'Upscale: What it takes to scale a startup. By the people who've done it'.

whitefox worked closely with us to publish and launch our first Tech Nation book, Upscale. We’ve had fantastic demand for the book, and have been delighted with the whole process, so much so that we recently engaged them again to produce and launch our audiobook version of the same book. Launching our book has served many more purposes than we imagined, and we regularly pass the books on to companies we work and engage with. Having a book opens up a whole new marketing channel, raises brand awareness, engages with your target audience and in general is a great addition to your marketing toolkit. I would not hesitate to recommend Whitefox for a publishing project, and thoroughly recommend you take the plunge and get publishing.

Will Miller | Marketing Director at Tech Nation

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