New Year Evolutions in Publishing

By Holly Miller |

In amongst the pundits’ panning for seismic nuggets of gold in publishing in 2015 that goes on at this time of year, spare a thought for less dramatic evolution rather than revolution. This time next year will we be looking at how PRH’s foray into direct selling has fared? Or the next YA publishing supernova series being devoured by adults? Maybe a crowdfunded novel wins a major prize. Or Amazon Publishing creates an e-bestseller and works out how to navigate the crest of the commercial wave distributing a physical edition. Perhaps Waterstones will turn a profit.

Here is an evolutionary leap to consider: A UK based self-funded, independently published series becomes a bestseller and the author continues to self-publish but simultaneously signs a physical distribution deal with a mainstream trade publisher… hybrid goes mainstream. That’s got to be a possibility, hasn’t it?

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