• whitefox quietly and confidently help to publish beautiful books. What’s more, they treat their suppliers with the same grace as the books themselves.

    Mark Ecob, Cover Designer

  • I’ve structurally edited such an interesting range of novels and memoirs for whitefox since 2016, and they have always been very professional, considerate and relaxed. They fill a much-needed gap in the fast-moving world of trade publishing. I hope to continue working with whitefox for as long as the book publishing industry needs freelance editors.

    Sadie Mayne, Editor

  • As a freelancer, I have worked regularly with whitefox since 2014. I’ve always found the whole whitefox team to be extremely professional, efficient, and calm in a crisis, but also very approachable and friendly. All in all, fantastic to work with.

    Jill Sawyer Phypers, Editor and Typesetter

  • For a writer, working with whitefox has significant benefits. Their contacts throughout publishing and in the wider world bring in fascinating projects; their experience in the editorial process means that project development is first-rate; they provide excellent and informed support throughout the writing and editing process, and they’re great fun to work with. What more could you want?

    Martin Toseland, Ghostwriter

  • I’ve worked on a number of ghostwriting projects with whitefox over the last few years, and they have been everything you’d want as a freelancer: friendly, fun, flexible and fast at paying. A highly professional outfit – would more than happily work with (and for) them again in the future.

    Tom Bromley, Ghostwriter and Editor

  • whitefox have been brilliant at introducing me to new jobs and clients, some of which have resulted in long-term relationships. I couldn’t think of a nicer, more effective bunch of people.

    Natalie Ramm, Marketer

  • whitefox is an extremely professional and reliable company. As a freelancer I value the team’s efficiency and support, and I look forward to continuing our working relationship.

    Liz Ward, Editor and Proofreader

  • I have always found whitefox to be responsive, personable, organised and prompt when it comes to paying. I have also really enjoyed the range of work they have offered to me and the relationships I have built as a result of the projects I’ve worked on. I’m always recommending them to freelance friends.

    Zoe McDonald, Ghostwriter and Editor

Benefits of our network

Being a trusted whitefox freelancer means that we recognise the value in your experience as the people who really make a difference to any book project. We can help you build a pipeline of work which is relevant to your skills and specialisms and helps enhance your portfolio. We care about all of our freelancers and are here to support you through any project.

Work Pipeline

As a member of the whitefox network, we can help you to build a pipeline of work on exciting projects.


We care about all of our freelancers, and we’re here to support you through any project.

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