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We test and rate our freelancers and can share these metrics with clients, alongside their employment histories, previous work and personal recommendations. Our in-house editorial managers represent 35 years of editorial experience at Faber, HarperCollins and more. Our rigorous vetting and QA processes are unique among publishing service providers.

Introductory Offer

For a limited time, whitefox will offer IngramSpark clients an introductory offer on our Full Publishing Package.

For books of up to 75,000 words, whitefox can offer:

Editorial Report                                           £885

50% of this cost will be subtracted from total costs should you choose to continue with a Full Publishing Package. 

Full Publishing Package                           £6,785  
with an introductory 10% discount:         £6,100

What does the Full Publishing Package include?

  • Full project management from a dedicated in-house project manager. We will work alongside you, guiding and advising on everything from your page design to your price point. Our in-house team represents over 50 years of editorial, sales and marketing experience within top trade publishers (Penguin, Faber, HarperCollins, RandomHouse).
  • Structural edit by an experienced editor with subject and genre specialisms appropriate to your unique offering. Your editor will read your manuscript, mark it up with comments and suggestions, and produce 5–10 pages of detailed notes highlighting strengths and areas for improvement. Once you have responded to your edit, your editor will then review your revised MS and send through any final thoughts or comments.
  • Copyedit by a copyeditor experienced in your genre and subject. Our copyeditors and proofreaders are chosen from among the top in their fields, and are rigorously vetted and curated. Your copyeditor will look for inconsistencies, stylistic infelicities and orthographic and grammatical errors. You will receive a marked-up manuscript with corrections and suggestions for your approval.
  • Internal design. A typesetter will set your book into handsome page proofs, ready for proofreading and then printing.
  • Proofread by one of our tried and tested proofreaders, who will go through the text with a fine-tooth comb looking for any remaining errors or loose ends. You will go through the text at the same time, and your dedicated project manager will work with you to resolve queries, collate corrections and see these accurately taken in.
  • Cover design by one of our talented cover designers. We work with the best designers, who, through years of experience working for trade publishers, have honed strong graphic skills and sound commercial sensibilities. Your project manager will help to select the right designer for you and work up a detailed cover brief that positions your book to its best advantage.
  • File conversion. Your project manager will deliver final print-ready PDFs, InDesign files, and epub and mobi ebook files.
  • Digital and print distribution via IngramSpark.

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