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Industry Tipsheet: Bibliocloud’s Emily Labram on workflow automation

Industry Tipsheet: Bibliocloud’s Emily Labram on workflow automation

By Jantien Abma |

Emily Labram is product manager at Bibliocloud, the next-generation publishing management system, and a Bookseller Rising Star of 2016. In her previous roles at HarperCollins, she created the Game of Thrones app that won FutureBook’s Digital Book of the Year. Her mission at Bibliocloud is to liberate publishers through automation so they can focus on the work that matters. Here she shares some valuable tips on automating your workflow.

‘Our attention and energies are precious. As publishers, we want to be doing only the work that serves our ultimate aim; whether that’s delighting, informing, or the many other ways that our books impact readers in the world. Any other work, be it filing emails or attending meetings we don’t need, is waste, to be streamlined or automated away. Other happy benefits are the fulfilment that comes from creative, strategic work that computers can’t do, and more time to spend on our own lives.

It’s been my mission for the past few years to eliminate admin from my own workload. Now I do it for publishers for a living. So here are my tips for getting those hours back.’ –  Emily

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