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Everything you need to know about publishing a cookbook

Everything you need to know about publishing a cookbook

By Claudia Besant |

Are you interested in publishing a cookbook? Well, this free guide contains everything you need to know and more. Click here to download it now.

Guide contents:

  • The cookbook do’s and don’t’s
  • The process of cookery book production
  • Q&A: chef, illustrator and author of Bitter Honey discusses food writing and concept creation
  • The secrets of a successful cookery book PR campaign
  • Q&A: presenter and sommelier Raul Diaz on self-publishing commercially
  • Your publishing routes explained

This in-depth resource explores the overlap between the food and drink industry and the world of publishing, providing insights into the process behind creating an exceptional book. A lot more goes into producing a book than many assume, especially a book in this specialist genre, and taking something from initial concept through to publication is an intricate process that can’t be done alone. This resource includes insights from the best brains in publishing, along with interviews with authors, to help inspire, motivate and inform, while presenting the different paths open to you. If you’re a specialist, brand or business with a platform and dedicated fanbase, and if you have a vision for a book you’d love to write and make a reality, you can download your free guide HERE.

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publishing a cookbook

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