Books for Brands, Volume 3

By Jantien Abma |

The third case study from our Books for Brands series features a company that has enjoyed rampant global success. Innocent drinks are a standout company for several reasons and their publishing strategy has taken them even further, effectively solidifying their friendly and personable brand.

A brand narrative of social consciousness and interacting with consumers.
Innocent is a prime example of a brand with a strong brand story. They began as 3 university friends and £500 of fruit in 1999 and now have over 75% share of the market with a turnover of over £100 million and are partly owned by Coca-Cola. However, Innocent has continued to humanise the brand by focusing on its brand narrative of social consciousness and interacting with consumers. The five recipe books for Innocent promote the message of being family-friendly and health-conscious. It reminds consumers that the brand continues to focus on being a “human” brand. Editorial content is the “evergreen content” that engages a consumer and can be revisited again and again – these books have a long shelf-life.

Words by Catherine Cho.

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