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Our team, both in-house and across our network, are dedicated, skilled and experienced publishing experts. Together, we are behind some of the most successful and innovative publishing projects of the last twenty years.

  • whitefox are consistently professional, efficient, easy to work with and always produce high-quality work. They have become a key partner for us in making beautiful and brilliant books.

    Xander Cansell, Head of Digital at Unbound

  • whitefox were a pleasure to work with. The finished product was of great quality and the whole process, from manuscript to distribution, was very efficient and smooth.

    James Haycock, Managing Director of Adaptive Lab

  • Publishing success, in our experience, comes from knowing the right people to collaborate with at the right time. The whitefox team are consummately professional and their skills, knowledge, and expertise have contributed to helping a number of our clients. We have no hesitation in recommending them.

    Fiona Marsh, Associate Director at Midas Public Relations

  • whitefox are a unique resource. They helped me to identify a new audience for the blog content I had created, managed the process to bring that content to the audience in a new digital format, and graciously helped to identify a traditional print publishing partner for the project when the opportunity presented itself.

    David Hone, author of Putting the Genie Back: Solving the Climate and Energy Dilemma

  • whitefox helped me to coordinate my project and find some of the best, most trusted creative freelance talent around. They were always quick, clear, efficient and focussed on helping me achieve my objectives. I would recommend them to anyone wanting to create their own book and tell their own story. They were not Approximately Right – they were exactly right!

    Håkan Winberg, author of Approximately Right

  • whitefox are knowledgeable, well connected and always come back quickly with helpful suggestions. They found an experienced memoir editor for my book, someone we would never have found ourselves, and the collaboration has been a real success. On other projects, they have connected us with some of the best people in the business through their extensive network. I trust their steer on the many aspects of creating and refining book projects.

    Kay Hutchison, author of 30 Therapies

  • whitefox have successfully published two novels for me in two years. They are independent, meticulous and always highly professional. It has also been a huge pleasure working with their many talented freelance associates in editing, design and publicity.

    Bob Marshall-Andrews, author of Dump

  • Working with whitefox was an absolute pleasure – their expertise and service made the process of self publishing genuinely enjoyable and they helped me create something I’m extremely proud of.

    James Hoffmann, author of The Best of Jimseven 2004 – 2015

  • whitefox helped one of our clients to self-publish their book and they were excellent throughout the whole process. It was a complicated project, requiring lots of different components and involving several parties, and they managed it expertly from start to finish. They always accommodated our authors’ wishes and were polite, professional and supremely adept at every turn. We will certainly have them in mind for future projects.

    Rory Scarfe, agent, Furniss Lawton

  • When we produced a book for our 25th anniversary, whitefox gave us an excellent, bespoke service. They were quick, creative and dedicated to producing something of real quality. And at the end of it, they also managed to find us a publishing deal. At all times, we felt we were in the hands of experienced professionals and we can’t recommend them highly enough.

    Chris Outram, Partner and Chairman Emeritus, OC&C Strategy Consultants

  • whitefox can solve any publishing problem you throw at them. Their pool of talent is that deep, their level of experience is that good.

    Kevin Conroy Scott, co-founder, Tibor Jones Literary Management Agency

  • Word of mouth alone among wannabe writers in the BBC newsroom put me in touch with whitefox. They gave me the services of a superb editor who worked hand in glove with me for several months, going over and above the call of duty.

    In all of this, the most important aspect of whitefox is their huge reputation in the world of publishing.

    Tom Mangold, broadcaster, journalist and author of Splashed! A Life from Print to Panorama

  • whitefox turn ideas into brilliant books. They open up incredible new opportunities for businesses and individuals alike. This is because their ability to provide high quality, bespoke book publishing services – at speed and to budget – is unmatched. I cannot recommend them enough.

    Damian Horner, co-founder and Chief Creative Officer, Real Vision

  • Not only do whitefox have an amazing address book full of the best cover designers, editors, proof readers, PRs, digital marketing experts and printers, they have an enthusiasm, energy and eye for detail which made the finished book a thing of beauty and the whole process an absolute joy. I could have published without them, but I really wouldn’t want to.

    Dan Gennoe, author of All Neon Like Love

  • If you want to set up your own imprint or self-publish a book, whitefox provide guidance and light amidst the dark and often inaccessible world of publishing. After decades in the publishing industry whitefox can give as little or as much support as you wish. For me, they were a trusted partner and vital for editorial support and suggestions. whitefox can elevate your indie published book to a level where it competes with the global publishing powerhouses.

    Tobias Harwood, author of Great Traits

  • whitefox provided me with a transparent, cost-effective and professional service to help me take my book to market via the Kindle Singles platform, from which I achieved my objective of being picked up by a traditional publisher.

    Alex Evans, author of The Myth Gap

  • Writing a novel can be a daunting and solitary endeavour but thanks to whitefox I found a sounding board for my ideas and a fresh pair of eyes that didn’t judge or intrude. I’d highly recommend them to any novelist, novice or experienced.

    Elizabeth Kesses, author of Josephine

  • whitefox’s help was invaluable for first-time self-publishers like Simon and I. We came into the process knowing nothing, so whitefox helped us with everything from editing and proofreading, to printing, getting an ISBN number and marketing. They also provided strategic help, pricing advice and moral support. Everything they did, they did quickly, efficiently and at an affordable rate.

    Murray Partridge, co-author of How to Live With An Alpha Female

  • When I decided to publish a book to help the exit generation, I was fortunate to meet whitefox. In a frenetic high-tech world, they fully believe in personal customer service. Nothing was too much trouble and I heartily recommend their service to anyone wishing to publish successfully.

    James Espey OBE, author of Making Your Marque

  • I can’t recommend whitefox strongly enough. The journey from manuscript to publication was sensitively and efficiently managed, drawing on the highest quality industry professionals while working with the author throughout to help realise their vision. Every step was perfectly handled and I am delighted with the results. From cover design to typeset, editing to overall project management, whitefox helped me publish with pride and confidence.

    Cyrus Bozorgmehr, author of The Syndicate

  • Whether, like me, you need strategic direction and editorial input, or you want to self publish and need help with design, publicity, ebook formatting or marketing, whitefox have experts in every field. They cut to the chase, save masses of time and I would thoroughly recommend them.

    Sara Davenport, author of Reboot Your Health

  • We approached whitefox to help a book that needed to be edited, designed and printed with utmost urgency. whitefox were terrific on every level – efficient, sensitive and a dream to deal with. We could not be more delighted with the finished result: How to be CEO of your own Life looks beautiful, inside and out, and has been complimented by everyone who has seen it. If only all publishing experiences were more like this one…

    Samantha Fletcher, author of Pointing From the Grave 

  • My journey with whitefox has been a pleasure from beginning to end. They held my hand every step of the way. Professional, efficient, reliable, willing, determined, friendly, supportive and approachable are just a few adjectives that sum up my experience. I’m thrilled with the result and so very grateful for their understanding and unerring support – I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.

    Jane Lovett, author of The Get-Ahead Cook

Our freelancers

Care and attention is given to the quality of our freelancers – we work with the best in the business. All our experts supply CVs, references and work samples. Our editors perform sample copyedits and proofreads, and we assess all of our suppliers’ work on an ongoing basis. Our pool of outstanding freelance specialists cover an enormous range of subjects, specialisms and skill sets – meaning whatever your needs, we will find the perfect expert to provide the high-quality services that will make your project the best it can be.

Meet the London team

John Bond

John Bond


John has been involved in publishing for nearly thirty years. He held senior positions at Penguin and at HarperCollins, where he was on the main board for nine years, running sales, marketing and publishing divisions including the 4th Estate imprint and their stable of award-winning authors such as Hilary Mantel and Jonathan Franzen. He co-founded whitefox in 2012 on the principle that the future of successful publishing would be based upon external, managed services and creative collaboration with the very best freelancers. Nothing that has happened since has dissuaded him of this view.
Annabel Wright

Annabel Wright

CSO / Editorial Director

Annabel has nearly two decades of editorial experience in fiction, non-fiction and illustrated titles. She has worked in a senior capacity for HarperCollins, and as part of whitefox for publishers including Penguin Random House, Ebury Press, Little Brown, Aurum, Octopus, Unbound, Head of Zeus, Quadrille, Mirror Books, and many more. With John, she received the Hospital Club 100 Award for the most influential and innovative people in publishing. She was also a judge for the 2013 Kitschies Award.
Julia Koppitz

Julia Koppitz

Editorial Director

Julia has nearly fifteen years of editorial experience across a range of narrative and illustrated publishing. Previously at HarperCollins, she worked on an eclectic collection of books by authors including, among others, Sir David Attenborough, Prof Brian Cox, Ben Fogle, Robert Macfarlane, Peter Godfrey-Smith and Alastair Humphreys, and she helped publish the prestigious New Naturalist Library, an influential natural history series with over 130 volumes published in over seventy years by William Collins.
Silvia Crompton

Silvia Crompton

Editorial Director

Silvia began her editorial career in 2003. Since then she has worked as an editor of fiction and non-fiction for publishers including HarperCollins, Penguin Random House and Faber & Faber, before joining whitefox in 2014. She has worked across most genres, with authors from Doris Lessing to Nigella Lawson, as well as overseeing the production of ebooks and tie-in apps.
George Edgeller

George Edgeller

Projects and Operations Manager

George is an editorial manager with four years' experience working across a number of publishing genres. His expertise is in complex project management and he works on a varied collection of fiction and nonfiction, managing titles through every stage of the publishing process. Before joining whitefox in 2016 he worked in sales and marketing in travel publishing.
Caroline McArthur

Caroline McArthur

Editorial Project Manager

Caroline has been an editor for fifteen years, with previous roles at Vintage, Ebury and Duckworth Publishing. She has worked across fiction and non-fiction, including history, cookery, humour and popular culture, with authors and brands that include The Great British Bake Off, Top Gear, Primrose Bakery, Alan Titchmarsh and Nigella Lawson. Caroline specialises in illustrated non-fiction and cookery in particular.
Josephine Salverda

Josephine Salverda

Editorial Assistant

Josephine recently completed her PhD in philosophy and worked part-time in academic publishing during her studies. She joined whitefox in 2018 and supports the editorial process across fiction and non-fiction titles.

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