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11 Tips for Promoting your Book

11 Tips for Promoting your Book

By Natasha |

There’s more to self publishing than just writing the book. Promoting your book is almost as important as putting pen to paper, but many authors don’t know where to start. Luckily there are a few relatively simple tricks you can employ to give your book a better shot at commercial success.


If you try to flog your book too cheap, readers will assume that it isn’t very good. Set the price too high and they won’t be willing to take a punt on you, an unknown author. According to Kobo’s Mark Lefebvre (here) , $0.99 for an ebook is so low that readers can’t resist, $2.99 tends to perform even better, but $1.99 is an awkward middle ground; it is cheap enough to suggest a lack of professionalism, but not cheap enough to convince readers to give it a go anyway. Naturally print versions will have to cost more, and you still want to make a decent profit margin on each sale, but try to keep that price lower than the more established authors you might be competing with.


You don’t want your only sales to come from family and friends, but it is a great place to start. Chances are your friends might be the only people who know about the book when it first comes out. Online retailers will use data to determine which books to include in their recommended lists; a high volume of sales soon after the release date will give your book a better chance of appearing on such lists. If you send out an email to a long list of your family and friends when the book is released, you’ll give yourself a great initial sales boost and get the ball rolling (assuming your friends and family actually buy the book…).

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